We think there are lots of opportunities to get involved with Year of the Sea in 2018.

Small World Theatre’s sea monster appearances will create a giant spectacle and draw visitors to ten destinations across Wales. The ‘sightings’ follow The Wales Way, newly launched and designed to help visitors find three national routes that lead you into the heart of real Wales. thewalesway.com

For Visitors

Planning your trip

By planning ahead, family days on the beach and coastal activities for the adventurous can be safe, exciting and memorable. Adventure Smart Wales invites you to Be Adventure Safe and has lots of tips on its website www.adventuresmartwales.com

The tour locations are accessible by road, on foot and using public transport. There will be limited parking at each destination, so please plan ahead and also check the local bus and rail timetables.

For Businesses

Let’s work together to build more activities, events and promotions around this unique tour.

We can direct you to Visit Wales’ step-by-step guide for your business to make the most of the coming opportunities. #findyourepic

Year Of Sea Business Guide PDF

If you’re a visitor attraction, have you considered running an event on the day and in return we can add your information to the Cragen list of events?

If you’re an accommodation provider, why not notify your contacts or run a special promotion to attract visitors around the tour dates?

Or you might find it’s an opportunity to showcase your #plasticfree initiatives? Take the opportunity to tell people what your business is doing to promote plastic reduction by. Use a blackboard to tell visitors about your plastic free packaging, products or alternatives. Offer a discounts if people bring their own cups, cutlery or containers.

Perhaps you are a local food business that is able to run a special ‘dish of the day’ made with local produce? Invent a new cocktail or a pie for Year Of The Sea? Keep families longer with our Cragen colouring sheet.

Download Colouring Sheet

For Everyone

Please help us spread the word!

Get involved in our marketing campaign by tagging your Cragen tour images on social media

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We need your help to encourage your customers to enjoy the tour and our project partners’ events. Please send them a link to this website. We’re also uploading the flyer so you can send it in an email or use it online.

Clean Seas Pledge

Around the world governments, companies, and individuals are pledging to fight for #CleanSeas. Wales is working hard to take action and we invite you to sign the pledge and turn the time on plastic!

Clean Seas Wales

UN Clean Seas  cleanseas.org/take-action