Here’s what’s happening

Experts have predicted that Cragen will appear at LLAWN Arts Weekend on 15 September. She will be seen from the promenade and beaches anytime from 2.30pm.

3pm Cragen performance on the beach in front of Venue Cymru

15 – 17 September LLAWN06

LLAWN is MOSTYN’s annual Free Arts Weekender that celebrates and explores Llandudno through art, artefact, sound, comedy, performance and participation. Cragen is Venue Cymru‘s contribution to the festival.

Explore work in unusual spaces and surprising places including baptist chapels; empty shops; shipping containers and our very own Victorian Bathing Machines. Enjoy free arts interventions sited across the town – with performance, music, comedy, visual art, film, games, dance and surprises aplenty. LLAWN brings together international artists, local groups, schools and pink balloons to take over, explore and enjoy the town.

Cragen will be staying on the beach for up to an hour giving visitors the chance to take photos with a giant sea monster! There will be filming and photography taking place at this event. Please join the fun by taking a photo and posting it to your favourite social media channel using the hashtags

#cleanseascragen #findyourepic #cleanseas